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Once upon a time rooster, a evil hater who hated Herr korbes for being a nice person,

was scheming a sinister plan. His evil assitants cat, the pin, needle,duck,millstone,

egg,and hen were all helping rooster with his evil scheme.Their ominous plot was to destroy Herr Korbes's house.The whole clan gathered their dirt bikes and four wheeler's and headed towards Herr Korbe's house. On the way there they spotted The Big Bad Wolf bullying Little Red Riding hood. So rooster stopped and dicided to ask the Big Bad wolf for some more evil assistance. He gazed at them with huge bewilderment as if he was scared to say anything. So the clan took off,and left little red riding hood, and the big bad wolf behind puzzeled. When they all arrived they went over their plan to destroy Herr korbes.The hen began the evil plan and broke all the windows,and tracked mud all over the new carpet with a dirt bike.

 The duck flooded  all the very expensive bathtubs and sinks,tracked water all over the castle,and paintballed the house inside and out.

The egg began to brake all over the place. The needle and pin punctured holes into the new furniture and expensive beds. The cat pooped everywhere and sprayed everything in sight.

the millstone at the time was breaking everything in sight famous art, valuable dishes,and antiques.

 Rooster sat back and watched everything Herr korbes worked for be destroyed,but he didn't notice that Little Red Riding hood snuck in and deftly ran upstairs, and swiped the Magic ring.            

When they stopped to see if the Big Bad Wolf wanted to assist them to destroy Herr Korbes mansion it wasn't theBig Bad Wolf that was picking on Little Red Riding hood,it was Little Red Riding hood that was torturing him.Little Red riding hood took Herr Krobes Magic ring!She was heading to Herr Korbes mansion before she ran into a tough obstacle.

When Herr Korbes arrived at his luxury mansion he was shocked to find his home destroyed.He also found that the Magic Ring was missing.He found duck tracks and cat footprints all over his floors and on his furniture,and all the evidence was in his house.The next day Herr Korbes sent out a wanted poster for the magic ring.

Although Rooster was feeling extremely good about his evil doings he also noticed the poster of the missing magic ring from Herr Korbes's house.He then noticed that they were in a really bad predicament.Rushing rapidly to tell his friends the disturbing news,he began to wonder about the incident that happened with  The Big Bad wolf, and Little Red Riding Hood.Why did  the big Bad Wolf assume to be frightened by their apperence?If he was really evil he would have went with them if he was a true evil person.When he arrived to his house he discussed his thoughts with his friends.His friends all agreed.

They all decided to go and visit Little Red Riding Hood, but when they arrived she ws no where to be found! "Man we been framed yo!" announced cat. "No we are not going to get framed because we are going to report Little Red Riding Hood stole the Magic Ring" rooster said proudly. "But we ruined Herr Korbes beautiful mansion!"Duck replied. None of the gang was listening to him they were on their way to save themselves from going to jail. They saved the Magic Ring, but they spent a little time in jail for the distruction they did to Herr Korbes house. Their money was given to them when they got out of jail. The Magic Ring was returned to Herr Korbes and the

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