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                                         The Little Donkey

Once there lived a king and a queen who were rich and had evervthing that they could wish for, but no children. She complained day and night about it,and said, I am like a field that won't grow. Finally God fulfilled her desires, Her child was not a human but a donkey. That was able to talk and play the lute. He took a walk to find a kingdom were a old king ruled. The donkey entered the kingdom and did a little exploring but was caught by the guard and was locked up in the dungeon.The queen noticed that the donkey was missing and freaked.The king ordered the donkey to see the king . The donkey attended to the Great hall,the king saw what exactly what he was you see the king had a dughter which was a donkey so all the hansom princes did not have interests with the princess. As soon as the donkey had entered the kingdom he knew he was the one to marry his lovelydaughter.The king made a bargain with the donkey he told him he'd be freed if he married his daughter. Of course the donkey 

agreed but as soon as the donkey daughter entered the room he fell in love. 


    They decided to get mariewd that day but was ruined by The Queen barging in and teling the donkey to come home.

so they went home and early the next day there was a loud knock on the door, it was the old king; He talked in his loud 

deep voice 'Your son had promised to marry my daughter and thats what will happen'. The donkey told mother the whole

story and she agreed that it was a good idea that he marry this other female donkey. And so the wedding continued and 

the two donkeys married AND LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER.................................Dought it . 

they had to plan there honeymoon and move all his stuff to her kingdom and it was agrivating in the best way.

And to make everything worse The king was dying but nothing bad it was just his time to go and move along

to the other world .For a long time the kingdom seemed to have died ....until a Chariot full of peppy peoplecame along

being loud ,singing and cheering man it was annoying so annoying Grandma Lucy swiftly hopped out of her wheelchair

and grabbed her Golden Shotput ball and rolled it out in the road causing the chariot to crash and fall apart.       


                                                                               TO BE CONTINUED



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