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Essential Academic Learning Requirement


EALR 1: The student understands and uses a writing process. 1.1.1 Applies more than one strategy for generating ideas and planning writing.·       Generates ideas prior to organizing them *  Uses a variety of prewriting strategies


1.2.1 Analyzes task and composes multiple drafts when appropriate a. Refers to prewriting plan.


1.4.1 Edits for conventions (see 3.3).


1.3.1 Revises text, including changing words, sentences, paragraphs, and ideas.Rereads work several times and has a different focus for each reading (e.g., first reading — adding transitions; second reading — deleting unnecessary details; third reading — identifying areas where evidence is lacking and adding relevant information). Evaluates and uses feedback (e.g., “I’ll use the word transformation to improve my word choice.”).


3.1.1 Analyzes ideas, selects a manageable topic, and elaborates using specific, relevant details and/or examples.


3.1.2 Analyzes and selects effective organizational structure. -- organize, lead, end, transitions


3.2.1 Applies understanding that different audiences and purposes affect writer’s voice.


2.1.1 Applies understanding of multiple and varied audiences to write effectively.


2.2.1 Demonstrates understanding of different purposes for writing.


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