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Easy Essays

Page history last edited by Ms. Edwards 14 years, 6 months ago

Six Traits:

Ideas -- prewriting

Ideas -- draft

Organization --paragraphs, beginnings, endings - find in your paper

Organization and Word Choice --Names/Verbs/Emotion -- see revision tips

Sentence Fluency -- Length/Structure

Voice -- attitude appropriate for audience and purpose

Edit -- punctuation/spelling/ grammar, etc.


Essays from Junior Scholastic and Science World.


Day 1: Read article.

Take notes--

main idea/details --

own experience;

own or text example;

suggestion for solution or future;

Gist Statement


Day 2: Draft --Thesis (Gist Statement)

Three Ideas explaining gist statement with three details each, each in a paragraph -- using transitions between and in paragraphs:

Three paragraphs with transitions in this format:

Topic sentence (no because)

1. Idea

a. idea to explain.

b. idea example/experience

c. idea suggestion/example/experience

Concluding Sentence


Day 3: Final Draft -- Paragraphs/transitions --5 paragraphs


2-Idea 1

3-Idea 2

4-Idea 3

5- Conclusion -- Gist and Suggestion/Question

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