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How To Interview

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Practice with partners.







Day 1:

Find a partner to interview.


Take notes as you interview.


Remember to circle any words (names, etc.) that you don't know how to spell, but that your interviewee will be able to help you with at the end of your interview.


If you can't write fast enough---write a ? in the margin, and ask clarifying questions at the end of that story/question so you can add enough to remember.


Put quotes around exact words.


Nod, smile, encourage (Uh huh, I see, etc.).


When you are finished with the interview, you will immediately write up a draft to make sure you don't forget anything, and to see if you need to re-contact the person for verification of facts/spelling.


The interviewee (partner) will write a response to these questions:


How does being questioned feel to you?


What could you do as an interviewer to help encourage your interviewee feel comfortable and to answer in detail?


Day 2:

Reverse roles.


Day 3:


Share product and process.


Optional: create a poster about your interviewee to share.  This could be done on Day 3 and share on Day 4.


Poster requirements:  Create a collage/images that represent the answers your partner provided you. Include a title and slogan your partner might live by. Be neat, positive, public.


Interview Questions


1. Tell who you are and why you are interviewing the person.



2. Ask them background questions:

a. What is your full name 

b. What is your birth date

c. Where were you born

d. Who are your parents and grandparents?


e. How many siblings do you have?


f. How many places have lived (follow-up – where?)


g. How many schools have you gone to  (follow-up –which ones?)


3. Ask about hobbies


a. What do you like to do in your free time?

b. (Ask follow-up)


c. Ask another follow-up question about three things.  Get details





Example:  You like basketball, can you tell me exactly why you like basketball?  What position to you play, and why?





4. Ask about favorite story: something funny, sad, embarrassing, silly –about themselves or their family…



a. Who, What, When, Where, Why, How

b. What else


c. Tell me more about…



5. What is your favorite part about living in Nespelem area?








6. What is the worst part about living in Nespelem area?









7. If you could change Nespelem in the future, what would you change and why?







8.  What do you hope to accomplish in your life?






Ask for any ? clarifications and spelling checks.






Next:  Immediately go and write a draft from your notes before you forget something.  This is key to reporting ---- write out what you heard now because your notes won't be enough later. You can then re-contact your person if you need to clarify and verify information or spelling.


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