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Interview Tips

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Interview Tips


Take notes as you interview.


Be sure to ask their name and title (Ms. Edwards, writing teacher   or Dr. Sawyer, veterinarian)


Remember to circle any words (names, etc.) that you don't know how to spell, but that your interviewee will be able to help you with at the end of your interview.


If you can't write fast enough---write a ? in the margin.


Ask clarifying questions at the end of that story/question so you can add enough to remember.

Could you explain about....

Did you mean ....

I think you mean ....

Can you give me an example?

What else can you tell me?

Could you tell me more?


Put quotes around exact words. Listen for interesting quotes and expressions.


Nod, smile, encourage (Uh huh, I see, etc.).


Ask follow up questions: What else can you tell me?  Can you give me an example of ______________?


When you have asked your questions, check your circled words and questions to clarify before you leave.


Thank your interviewee for their time and information.  Let them know you will provide them a copy.


When you are finished with the interview, you will immediately write up a draft to make sure you don't forget anything, and to see if you need to re-contact the person for verification of facts/spelling.


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