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Old Front

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 Welcome: A place for Eagle Writers


Welcome to an extension of our 5-8 writing and the 8 Reading classes.


Here you will complete assignments in thoughtful ways as you learn how to be excellent writers and readers.


Join the journey.


"It's never too late to be what you might have been."

George Eliot


What might you become? What is important to you? One way to discover these is to write. Writing clarifies thinking, so writing is thinking. Duane Alan Hahn says, " I write to teach myself what I already know."


My goal is to help you develop your thinking about ideas and writing so that your writing, wherever it is (school, home, work, WASL), will be the best you can compose at the time.


Welcome, and remember what Mark Twain said, "The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug." Think about that , and come to class prepared to think and write!


Always check out the LINKS PAGE for all links needed for lessons and assignments.


Welcome, thanks, and write....


Ms. Edwards


Grade 8:  Editors of Coyote Talks


Please check in to see how we progress from draft to final projects.








Look here for announcements.  The quarter ends January 28th.



Links Page


Link to this page for class links -- to lessons, assignments, etc.




Professional writers offer advice.

If you are a writer, we ask you to share your advice with our students.


Acceptable Use Policy: Must Agree



Please follow directions at this page before beginning your projects.


Main Class Pages


Grade 8 Writers

Grade 7 Writers

Grade 6 Writers

Grade 5 Writers





Eagle Expectations




Be here.

Be kind.

Be respectful.

Be safe.

Be productive.



5P's:  Bring to class---






Projects (Assignments)








I designed this site as a resource for myself, my students and their families as well as for other students or teachers. Our class educational network provides us the opportunity to practice and plan for entering the online world as 21st Century citizens. The information here has been created by myself, other educators, and others, with credit provided as needed. Since there are some general guidelines (see above) for being able to add to student sites, we know that following the guidelines will enhance our learning process. Remember to contact any technology specialist to help you with any problems or concerns regarding your computer as I have no control over settings or other changes if you download to your computer.


Additional Information: If any inappropriate content is found on this site, it will be removed. Please notify me of any such content. ms_edwards@mac.com 


Users not following the guidelines will lose participation privileges.


Please contact me with any questions: ms_edwards@mac.com


Thank you


Live to make the world less difficult for each other.

~ George Eliot


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