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Sample Draft 5



 Follow these directions after you create your own page.


When you create a new page, give it a title, your grade, your student number(s) in order.

Example:  veterans523       

Title veterans

Grade 5

Students 2 and 3

Directions to be followed on YOUR page, not this one:


Step 1

Click Edit Page

The title text is Heading 1; Direction text is Heading 2; Step text is Heading 3.

Click insert plugin to add a table of contents at the top. (Insert cursor where you want the plugin).

Notice that the table of contents includes headings 1 , 2, 3.


Step 2

Title your page and begin your draft.  Any group member can edit.

Type ALL your text before formatting.


More directions to follow as you begin.




This is the type of information you should keep on this wiki page for your project.


Group members

 Use your Student Numbers, please.

  • Student 1
  • Student 2
  • Student 6
  • Student 7




 To cite your source correcntly with MLA style, go to Son of Citation.  Type your information. Copy and paste below.

  1. Source 1
  2. Source 2
  3. Source 3
  4. Source 4


Source Name Page # Quote
Encyclopedia of Stars 44, 46 "The stars are the heavens"





When should we meet?


Who - grade, student number


Who When I can meet Where
5-1 M-F, 8am-5pm School Library
5-4 Anytime after 2pm Agency Library
5-10 Saturday, 5pm Online
5-12 Sunday, 4pm-8pm 5-12's place




Keep your drafts on your wikipages so you can refer to earlier versions. Make new pages with links below. Include grade level at end.


Personal Flag842






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