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Sample Draft 6


Follow these directions after you create your own page.


When you create a new page, give it a title: W6 Code KeyWord

Example:  W6 Shee New Mayor  


Headline (title)" New Mayor Leads Town

Byline: Code

Any group member can edit.

Type ALL your text before designer formats.

Add graphics.  See Pic and Paint


Have someone review and make suggestions in the comment area based on the rubric.

Read the comments, revise your work.


Proofread for spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, paragraphing, etc.


Use rubric to evaluate.



Group members


 Use your Student Codes, please.

  • Code Name- writer
  • Code Name- designer
  • Code Name- graphics
  • Code Name- proofreader
  • Code Name- editor




 To cite your source correcntly with MLA style, go to Son of Citation.  Type your information. Copy and paste below.

  1. Source 1
  2. Source 2
  3. Source 3
  4. Source 4


Source Name Page # Quote
Encyclopedia of Stars 44, 46 "The stars are the heavens"





When should we meet?


Who - grade, student number


Who When I can meet Where
Shee M-F, 8amm 5pm School Library
Cobra Anytime after 2pm Agency Library
Tinfoil Saturday, 5pm Online
Alper Sunday, 4pm-8pm Pepernos's place




Link to your draft page on the Grade 6 Writers page.


Start your story here:


Headline (title)" New Mayor Leads Town

Byline: Code


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