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Story Log

Page history last edited by Ms. Edwards 14 years, 2 months ago


The News Project

Choosing a Story

News Story Questions

Story Planning

Story Options

Interview Tips

Story Log

Reporter Lesson Log

Interview Tips



Story Log



Story Log

Who's doing what?


Reporter Topic Type (N, C, O, S, F) Interviewee Day/Time Deadline Comments
Dragan and Nita run/walk news/community Ms. White   4/10    
Marc PDS news Ms. Edwards   4/10    
Ellen Reading Teacher, Mrs. Douglas and the reading program community/feature Mrs. Douglas   4/10    
Rislaw Dad, Policeman community, feature Mr. W.   4/10    
Stenda and Naner Culture community, feature Mr. Ives   4/10    
Cook and Tinfoil Coach community, feature Mr. Ives   4/10    





Story Ideas



Book Fair -- Mrs. Dickey

Spirit Week--Cheerleaders, Mrs. Dickey

Eagle Contest--Ms. Edwards

Literacy Month--Mrs. Douglas

Awards Assembly--Mrs Douglas

Spaghetti Feed--Mrs. Armstrong-Montes















Wrestling--Mr. Ives




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