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The News Project

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The News Project

First Steps to Journalism

Choosing a Story

News Story Questions

How To Interview

Story Log

Reporter Lesson Log


Sixth grade students are planning to publish a newsblog.


Students will write stories in five categories: News, Community, Opinion, Sports, Fun.  Each student participates in an editing group, one for each of the categories.  In addition, students also select other jobs: editor, proofreader, art/photographer, art/designer.


Each student will write one news or community story, one opinion story, and one sports or fun article.  Each of these meets guidelines from the Essential Academic Requirements of Washington State.


We will study the parts of a news article; news stories begin with all the main facts at the beginning with the details towards the end of the article.  We will also practice in interviewing.


We will draft, collaborate, and revise on this "Eagle Views" wiki.


Teams will choose the stories that meet requirements for publication on the blog.


We'll keep you posted!






Team Writing

Join a team:  art/graphics, design, editor, proofreaders

Everyone is a writer.

You will work at each of the above tasks at least once.


Each team member writes one story for each of the following three areas:



1. News, Community

2. Opinion

3. Sports, Fun



Teams review each story for the needed components, collaborating in style and editing. So each story will be reviewed with each team role:


News---art/graphics, design, editor, proofreaders

Community---art/graphics, design, editor, proofreaders

Opinion---art/graphics, design, editor, proofreaders

Sports---art/graphics, design, editor, proofreaders

Fun---art/graphics, design, editor, proofreaders




Rubric 1


Opinion Rubric


Page Rubric



writer: drafts stories

art/graphic: chooses the image and it's placement

design: choose layout and style (use of color/font)

editors: analyze stories (check accuracy, request more information, choose stories) and make final decisions on page content and design.

proofreaders: check for spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, paragraphing




Possible Stories


Stories from 2004:  What could we write about this year?



News Story Questions


News, Community



News Story—facts: who, what, when, where, why, how

1. Cell phone tower

2. Detention Center

3. Pascal Sherman School

4. Principal resigning

5. 21st Century

6. Levy passed

7. WASL testing

8. Gonzaga Mentor Program (GIEOP)

9. Parent Teacher Conferences

10. Mars News




Feature Article—

1. Interview person building cell tower

2. Interview manager (experience, why there)

3. Architect—how designed

4. Interview with principal—what he’s done and where going

5. 21—interview Earl and Lindsey

6. Interview McClures and other people and Jacksons

7. Interview teachers, Gary Locke, students

8. Interview students and mentors




Literacy Night

Movies at Dam or Omak

Activity Center

21st Century—late night

Book Club


Home, Living  --

Fund Raiser Info

Literacy Night—for families


Book Fair and Book Exchange

Donations of clothes to Distribution Bank




Sidewalks--getting funding

IHS getting new boss




Video Quest

Summer Jobs




Editorial (opinion and letters)


Need cell tower


WASL Grades

Student improvement (what we are good at)

Why need money for 21st Century

How editors think about late night


Sports, Fun





Awesome season for Volleyball



AAU Basketball

Tournaments (co-ed)




Fun Page (like “Rear End”)



Crossword puzzles

Word Search









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