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w6 drafts dragan51

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  Stuff i dont have,

   wiki                                                 My Stuff i Have,                     

   Own                                                 Is eagle Views                                            

                                                      Practice draft interview 

                                                         Fairy Tale News

                                                      3DS interview draft

                                                      Paragraphs and Nouns

                                                      Eagle Story

                                                      Eagle Poem

                                                     Eagle student traits

                                                      Peer Interviews(2)

                                                       PDS interview

I wrote about Dwayne Wade,How i love the Country,Interviewing a person,Stolen Mittens,Hiking,Obama,my family. Thats all






 Interview With Miss.White on Run Walk club

  1. What do you do in Run walk club?
  2. When did it start?
  3. Why did you start it?
  4. When does it end?
  5. How many steps do you usually take at Run Walk club?
  6. Does Run Walk get you tired sometimes?
  7. Do you have to eat healthy when you are in Run Walk club?
  8. How old were you when started the Run Walk club?
  9. Was it your idea to start the Run Walk club or Mrs.Dickey?
  10. How hard do you work out?
  11. Do you pace yourself or do you push yourself?
  12. Does Run Walk club make you happy sometimes when you get to help the kids get into shape?
  13. How many Kids are in it?
  14. What grade are the kids in?
  15. Why can't 6th through 8th do Run Walk?

This is a story about My partner who i interviewed.She was born in spokane washington,

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