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 Early this morning we received notice that a 28 year old  Chelsey McBluff was  found inside a pumpkin shell she claims that her husband, Moran McBluff had placed her in that pumpkin shell since marrage and she says they are meant for each other the question we ask is why, why would he put his young almost   beautiful wife away from all the new things that happend like tv and cars and airplanes and tv and toilet paper,then she started to crack and began to spill the juicy information of how her insane mentally physco filled brain husband and it turns out to be that he was charged for kidnapping of Chelsy McBluff. They have sentenced him to 4 years to the detention center of hillbilly 987.

well now mrs mc bluff is now living in a apartment building but please remember that she does need help so what ever you do dont go to a shoe store and ask for a  cheese burger because  what she has is called:stupidity syndrome  and is really really contagious or if you dont know her your just stupid.

so back to you Watzittuya Peeplore





why did you choose to work here?

when did you first start to work here?     

what is your favorite class?

if you had a milloin dollars what would you spend it on?

do you like to speak salish?

what tribe are you from?

who are your top two chief who out rule the others?

how much do you spend a month on supplies for you and the students?



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