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w6 drafts nita51

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My Drafts





What I have

eagle student traits

PDS interveiws

practice drafts about Oscar, Raylene

questions about Kyrstal

 wrote about Kobe Bryant

mardi gras in new orleans




what I don't have

fairy tale

eagle story

eagle poem

paragraphs and nouns

3ds interveiws drafts




Q's for Mr. E


  1. Do you like teaching social studies?
  2. Do you teach any other subject besides s.s.?
  3. Who inspried you to become a teacher?
  4. Do you have any kids that likes social studies?
  5. What do u do in your freetime?

Run/Walk club


Meagan and I are talking about Run/Walk.We are going to Interview Miss.White.Our Example for question is Why did you start Run/Walk club?.Call her up,and ask her nicely if we can interview her.And ask when to interveiw her and what day to interview her.





 Interview With Miss.White on Run Walk club


  1. What do you do in Run walk club?
  2. When did it start?
  3. Why did you start it?
  4. When does it end?
  5. How many steps do you usually take at Run Walk club?
  6. Does Run Walk get you tired sometimes?
  7. Do you have to eat healthy when you are in Run Walk club?
  8. How old were you when started the Run Walk club?
  9. Was it your idea to start the Run Walk club or Mrs.Dickey?
  10. How hard do you work out?
  11. Do you pace yourself or do you push yourself?
  12. Does Run Walk club make you happy sometimes when you get to help the kids get into shape?
  13. How many Kids are in it?
  14. What grade are the kids in?
  15. Why can't 6th through 8th do Run Walk?



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