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W6 Notes Shee

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Sample Notes, Draft, Story

Interview with Grade 6 notes:


find stuff out

interview other people -- teachers


stuff --- what do why do


eagle views


after: sit and write a story; write what we learned


people care about news tories

wasl, sports, learned, halls


5ws in the beginning of the paragraph


leave class x2

walk around and talk to people

see what their jobs are and how tough their jobs are

tough, difficult, hard


what people have to deal with every day


how much they get paid

enough info to make a brochure


softball, track; sports-Marion-culture


Interview Draft


The sixth graders are reporters to find stuff out by interviewing other people like teachers.  They find out what people do and why they do it. They write for Eagle Views. After they interview people, they sit and write the story to write what was learned.  People care about news stories like WASL, sports, what we learned, what's happening in the halls.


At the beginning of the first paragraph, the story must include the 5Ws: who, what, when, where, why.


They like being reporters because they can leave class to walk around and talk to people to see what their jobs are.  They find out how tough, difficult, and hard the jobs are.  They find out what people have to deal with every day, and how much they get paid.  If they have inough information they may make a brochure.


Other stories they write about include softball, track, Marion and sports and culture.


Lead and Story:


The sixth  grade student reporters interview people around the school to write news people care about for newstories in Eagle Views. These inquisitive students interview teachers and others to find out what job the people do and why they do it.  They ask how tough the jobs are and what things they must deal with every day. Current stories in their list include the WASL; sports like softball and track; and Marion Ive's sports and culture activities.


After students interview people, they immediately write a draft to include in the first paragraph what they call the "5Ws: who, what, when, where, why."


"We get to leave class and walk around to talk to people," commented several students. If they have enough information, they may also make brochures.


If you have a story, contact Ms. Edwards who will contact the reporters.  What news is important today?

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