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w6 Drafts ayming 

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jack was jumping over a candle stick and didn't make 

it over,he was 

 on fire and people thought 

 he was wired and he ran so fast that when he fell in snake- 

river, the fish ate

his"juicy red bloody liver".Then the rest of his body floated on top if the water

for a few minutes,

then he sunck to the bottom like a ton of bricks where

on top of his body.

He droped so fast that u could say noo~noo's n he was already at

the bottom of the water.But eventuly

he came back up,he was comen up and down like he hade only 10 seconds

to do 5 diffrent things.

The dude was fasty even dead and cant feel any thing in his body.

He might have some type of power

that lets him do what he wants when he wants and when or what

ever he feels like.




Questions for Marion


1.Whats you farorite type of b~ball shoes??

2.Whats your favorite b`ball team??

3.Who playes the best on that team??

4.Where is that team from??

5.Whats there coaches name??

6.Do you think he is proud to be their coach??

7.Whats the teams colors??

8.What was the teams name that you were on??

9.Were you the star player on your team??

10.How many years did you play b~ball??


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