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I know that eagles ar grait at seeing expeshaly when thair  looking for food. once i was walking home from school i saw an big bird i was  got closer i was wadering what it was  what is that ? .thats a big bird





my dads interview



who will you interview? my dad




how is it to work? i like it varry much 




1. do you worry about your famly?no i cant because i got to worry about my job .




2.how is it to be a police officer? its varry fun 






3.is your job easy? yes it is varry easy




4.do you like your job?yes its varry fun




5.have you got awards from your job? yes i did




6.what was it? i got officer of the year twice




7.why did you get it? being grait at my job



 w+hat your favorite part of your job? powling people people over and giving out tickits




8.what do you not like about your job?nothing at all






                                                     my new dog





My new Dog shes cute and all when you try to sleep She dose not leave you alone when I try to sleep she licks my face and when i do get to sleep I wake up to a wet face.and wen we got her the girl sed she was a girl.







   miss longs intervew 













 what encouraged you to be a musician ?  my famly encouradge me to be a  munician some people in my famly played insterments so i wantedto play to. My gran dad playd the phiddle so my brother and my syster and i wonted to ply the phiddle.





whats the first instrument you learnd to play ?  the first interment I learnd to play palywas a pieno. My mother tought me how to play the pieno and sead I had to finish a pieno book if I wonted to take ballet lessons witch I rilleyrilley wanted to do.






what made you be a bus driver and a music teacher at the same time ? 




why did you come  to nispelem inted of eny war els ?     




  whats your favorit istrment  you like to play?


who tought you how to play an instrment and why ?




whats the best thig about werking wth kids ?




whay do you have two jobsinstead of one ?





keeth powls interview



  • whats your favort sculpture?


  • whats your favort medium?


  • why did you bekom a artist


  • why didbecom a busdriver

















one time me and my cousin had a gameand you could hunt polar bears and the first  time my cousin tried she got kild by it and the secend time















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