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What Wiki Is

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What is a Wiki?

What are our goals?

What standards will we follow?

How can I participate? (AUP)

Why wiki?


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Introduction to Wiki


What is a wiki?


Wiki means quick in Hawaiian, and on the Internet, that's what it is: quick to create and collaborate in a community of learners.

Members of the wiki collaborate to create pages of information, photos, data, etc. needed for projects: planning, drafting, publishing, calendars, discussions, etc.  It's all a part of wiki.


What are the goals and expectations of this wiki?


From Washington State Goal for Writing


"Writing for Today and Tomorrow - Writing is essential to a literate society. Writing can be an act of discovery, of communication, of joy. It connects us to work, to culture, to society, to existing knowledge, and to the meanings of our lives.

What Is Writing? - Writing is the learned process of shaping experiences into text, allowing the writer to discover, develop, clarify and communicate thoughts and feelings. Writing requires and supports the development of thinking skills. Learning to write brings the learner into the literate community as an active participant in the conversation. Writing is our catalyst for creating the future.

Committed writers use writing for a wide spectrum of practical, economic, social, personal and aesthetic purposes. Engaged writers use a language that is alive, flexible and adaptable to the highest expression of which the human being is capable."


This wiki itself will be an act of discovery and communication. I hope it brings you the joy of becoming a successful wordsmith. It definitely will connect you to many worlds: work ethics, cultural expression, a social network, existing and new knowledge and knowledge base, and an introspection into your own writing journey.


As part of a literate and learning community, we will be active participants in putting our thoughts into clear and engaging language that will entertain, inform, and persuade.


What else?


That's always the question, and you will learn to ask it to form your own answers, with the support of your family and peers.


Are you ready to join the journey?


What is a wiki "literate and learning community?"


Literate, learning, community:

A community is a group of people who act together under accepted standards of social interactions. Literate means having knowledge, especially in reading and writing. And, of course, learning means to gain knowledge or skill.  So a "literate and learning community" is a group of people with knowledge who work socially together to gain more knowledge.


What are our Community Standards? --  5Bs

Our community follows these standards in order to participate:


Be here.

Participate actively -- complete expected projects, collaborate with others, ask questions, help others.

Be kind.

Treat others as you want to be treated.  Use manners. Write positively, politely. Engage others.

Be respectful.

Again, treat others as you want to be treated.  Remember, what you write online may stay there forever, so maintain your character by treating yourself and others with dignity.

Be safe.

Use the protocol your teacher provides for you for identifying yourself to our wiki world. Leave your weekend discussions offline; work only on school projects. No personally identifying information or images should be provided. Review this site for the most accurate information on online safety for teens: www.pewinternet.org/PPF/r/247/report_display.asp

Be productive.

Collaborate to complete engaging writing projects which we will celebrate and share.


What else?

Things to consider:


  • This wiki is semi-public, and the general public can read, but not edit, any entry. All your entries must be "public appropriate."  Do not place anything on this wiki that you or your grandmother would not be comfortable with the general public seeing.
  • Our class educational network provides us the opportunity to practice and plan for entering this online world as 21st Century citizens.
  • Anyone who has been invited to this wiki can edit entries on this wiki .  Invitations are a privilege. Remember, the "History" section of each page will show who has edited which entry, and earlier versions to be restored. This is our wiki. Please treat it and each other with respect. Any inappropriate editing will be discovered with immediate consequences.
  • This wiki is not hosted through school servers. It may be available at times when the school's services are down, or the opposite may also occur. Plan for technology to fail at inconvenient times, and you will always be ahead of the game.
  • Please read and agree to the Wiki Etiquette for Students, general guidelines for all wiki users.


Acceptable Use Policy

Please read  the Acceptable Use Policy with your parents. It explains the expectations reflective of the 5Bs in more detail. Be sure to sign the school requirements page and the I agree √ page.


Please plan your positive posture, get your keyboard, grab your mouse, and engage your brain for this wiki world for wordsmiths!


Why wiki?

What are the educational reasons for using a wiki?  Click here.




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